Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

We celebrated my dad's birthday yesterday. It was fun getting together with the FAM. We had dinner at Val and Jason's house and then did gifts and the cake and icecream. Val had the coolest cake made for my dad. I don't know if you can tell by the pics but it is the Snake River with a little raft and two men floating in the river. It was such a cute idea. The kids had fun eating the frosting rocks and trees. I just want to give a little love out to my Dad. He is so special to me and my family and I hope he knows how much we truely love and admire him. He is always there for us, helping shovel our snow, playing with grandkids, suprising them with treats, bribing them with money or milkshakes, reading to them, listening to them play their violins (even when I know it doesn't sound quite like music yet) helping me around my house and yard, the list could go on and on. He really cares about people around him and is always making you feel like part of the family. I have so many friends who are always telling me what a cool dad I have and how lucky I am to have such a great family. Well I know we aren't perfect but I like to think we are trying and that my dad is working on being perfect for us--A GREAT Father and an AWESOME Grandpa. We love you Dad and hope you have a Wonderful birthday!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Parks the BRAINIAC

So I'm driving home from the store today with Parks, who I let get a pack of bubble gum for "being good" while I shopped. I said to him "Now don't swallow that gum this time! It will stick to your belly." Parks responds, "That's not true mom. I saw on T.V. that you can get gum off your belly with water." So I say, "Really, you learned that on T.V.? I doubt it!" He then says, "Well I guess I didn't learn it on T.V. My brain just told me it was true." How crazy is he? I learned a few things about my parenting skills today- #1 my son watches way to much T.V. and #2 he doesn't believe my threats anymore.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Skirt Madness

Not to be confused with March Madness, I know and care very little about basketball. First off I have to THANK, THANK, THANK my cute friend Lacey and her friend Melissa (who I don't know) for the ispiration and help with this cute project. Lacey had a post about these skirts and her friend Melissa had the instructions on her blog. I have never sewn clothes before (high school sewing class doesn't count in my book). This project was actually not that bad. I used cheaper fabric that was on sale just in case things went terribly wrong and now that I know I can do it I am going to make Addison an Easter outfit. I haven't tried making the shirt part yet but the skirt was so fun and relatively easy. I made it yesterday and Addi wanted to wear it to school today so it must be ok for her. If you want to try making this too let me know. I will send you the link to the instructions and just know--try it, you might SUPRISE yourself:)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

4 Months and Memories

So our little man just had his 4 month check-up. Can you believe it has been 4 months already. Winter babies are so hard I don't think I will repeat it again. We have been cooped up in our house (besides the random trips to get groceries, and trust me, the cuboards aren't what they usually are with the new baby and all) since OCTOBER! It was a considerablly mild winter compared to last year but still, it has been so LONG. Whit is growing like a little weed and getting all chubby. His growth is right on and he now weighs 14.8 lbs. I am weaning him off the reflux medicine since he is now eating RICE CEREAL. I got lucky with babies that like to eat, nursing-formula-cereal, he's been golden so far. He still eats in the night because I'm not strong engouh to let him cry it out but I manage with less sleep than needed. The warmer weather will be a nice change and I can tell he is going to LOVE the outdoors. He likes watching the kids play in the yard while I hold him on my lap. He laughs and giggles at everything Parks says to him and he has definatly "found" his voice. Sometimes I think he has terrets(don't know how to spell:) He just spontaniously yells things out and babbles. I love it! I wish I had a baby pic of Noah to post but sadly we don't have a scanner and all his photos are pre-digital age. WHITMAN is NOAH'S twin. They look so much alike if I didn't know the pictures I wouldn't be able to tell them apart. He has the same exact(larger than normal) ears and that distinguishing widows peak (hair line). Same eyes, same smile same tempermant so far. It brings back so many memories of my life as a young mother. The things I do now compared to how I did it with Noah are funny to see. I used to give Noah a bath every single night so he "smelled like a baby", Whit is lucky if he gets a good wipe down with the baby wipes. Noah wore all new, name brand clothes (back in the day when I could spend a lot on clothes because he was my only one) Now, Whit is wearing a combo of hand-me-downs from Noah, Landon, Bridger, Parks, Zander,Boston, Beckam and Hoyt.(Thanks again to Maleah, Katharine, Val and Stacy for the boy clothes) The thing is that at his age they still look new and boys stuff NEVER goes out of style I swear. He only has one binki instead of Noah's 12. When we loose it, I guess that's a sign he's done with it. I let him go to the daycare at the gym, Yeah I know, judge all you want I'm a crazy mom for taking him around all those germs, WHATEVER! Noah barely got to be held by anyone for more than 2 minutes before I was worried he would catch something. Man how times change. I think as a parents you become less anal and worrisome for your own sanity. You realize that will be ok if they don't get picked up the milisecond they start crying (I actually got out mid-shower with soap in my hair to comfort Noah once). It's ok to leave them with grandma to get some alone time. They won't shrivel up and blow away from lack of nutrition if they don't nurse till they are 5. I am lucky, I know it. I have good, healthy kids that make my world all it is. I have an awesome extended family that helps me be a good parent. Oh the things I have learned from my first to my fourth. Let's just see what I learn with the next four!!! Ha Ha if you believed me when I wrote this you should be shot, I'm way to old for 4 more, maybe just 3!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Seriously So Blessed

So I might be the last one to find out about this but just in case I'm not I will tell you all...This is the funniest thing you will ever read on a person's blog. seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com It is a girl who is totally anonymous but writes this funnier that you know what stuff. The whole entire blog is fake and basically a spoof on mommy mormon blogs. Everything that is so crazy and weird about our culture and religion she turns into a hysterical story! Now you know she really is LDS and just having fun so it's not hurtful or in bad taste, just good entertainment. The funny thing is, almost everything she is mocking I have totally done on my blog, brag about my "cute kids" or my "awesome husband" posted how long till my due date, just talk up how good life really is etc... There is a link from my blog to hers under TAMN. When you get to her blog read her info on the side for details about her and her husband, It will clue you in to who she is first. Then start reading some of the stories, she abbreviates a lot so dont get confused and she often refers to her husband as "heartnugget" or "hubalub". You have to read her advice given to all those who are getting engaged and also her stories about teaching the Mia Maids. I almost peed my pants at some of the things she writes. Let me know what you think:)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

So SEW What!

I swore off sewing after Christmas because I was so burned out. I made a Book Of Morman Quilt for my parents that took 4 months to finish and I swore I was taking a break but I can't stay away too long:)I have been having so much fun sewing lately. I have been going over to my mother-in-laws house once a week to sew. She is teaching a few women in her ward to quilt and I just tag along and make all the same projects they do. Here is what I did in February. LOVE IT!!!

This is a cute Valentine table topper we made. It is just like the bulls eye quilt but with hearts. It's really scrappy and easy to make.

This is a quilt I made for my friend for her birthday. It's called a BULLS-EYE quilt. It was so fun to make and EASY. I made it mostly with all the leftover scraps my mother-in-law and I had from other quilts. It turns out so cute when you wash it because the circles ravel.

This is a quilt I made for Addison's Bedroom. It is so retro and 70's but I love the way it turned out. It has so many colors in it that I can decorate around it and always have a ton of choices.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Week 2 Down!

This last week was so awesome. I feel so good!! I still don't have fast results but my energy level is coming back. I think it has helped that signs of SPRING are in the air. My kids are back to playing outside. It's staying lighter later and the temp. is up. I can't wait to get back to a normal life and be outside, mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and feeling the sun. Plus, I'm debating on whether or not to stop nursing, give me your opinions. I could go either way right now. I know I sound selfish for quitting for my own personal reasons but I just want to be able to get out and go places now and not have to be back to feed my munchkin. On the other hand, FORMULA is soooooo pricy. I haven't had to buy it in like 4 years and sheesh! We might go into the poor house if I have to budget for it each month. People, tell me what to do!