Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Summer So Far!!

So here's what we have been up to so far this summer:

Our little Whit has had it rough. He is cutting 3 teeth, been on a million antibiotics for ear infections and finally just had ear tubes put in. Even with hurt ears and gums he is still a totally relaxed and easy going baby.

Parks learned to ride a two wheeler this summer and is a CRAZY dare devil. No FEAR was born with this child. His second day he rode right down our back yard ROCK steps, across the yard and launched himseld into the field behind our house. Not even a scratch---CRAZY but lucky!

Addison is loving the sun. I swear I put sunscreen on her. She just has that same olive skin I do. She loves to get wet every day and yes she is still the neighborhood socialite planning events and parties and making up dances and inviting people over to come watch. She is really into fake nails (i get the little kid press on kind)and her hair. She has been attempting to do it herself everyday which for the most is good in my book.

Noah's baseball season finally ended. He played catcher this year. Let's just say this was a really good "learning" year for his team. They were a newly combinded team and coach and this league he started playing in this year was a competitive traveling team. They started out rough but by the end of the season they were all improved and played like a killer team that had been together for years, it just came to late to make a difference. He loved it and we really enjoyed the family time at double headers every Saturday for the past 3 months.

I am back to riding my bike! After training for the Wasatch Back I decided I needed to give my knees a break from running (not really but this what I tell myself a break is). I have been riding with my Dad and the Velo Club. They are all AWESOME riders so it really challenges me to ride with the group. My first week back I rode over 60 miles. Not bad for not being on my bike since I got pregnant in Feb. of 2008.
Plus it has been 8 months and 11 days since I delivered Whit and I FINALLY hit my pre-pregnancy weight. Somehow I still don't look the same. I guess I probably will never look how I remember myself being but all those cute kids in the previous pictures were well worth the body "transition"!

This is my Nate. Lounging with an ice pack. Yes he got injured (again) No it wasn't motocross related. Let's just say he was trying to get something for FREE at a store and challenged the owner to an arm wrestle. Who does this? Weird boys!!! He pulled a serious muscle in his bicept all the way up his shoulder. Don't worry. He has taken it "easy" and let it heal! (Just kidding Babe!) It hasn't stopped him from riding his motorcycle though.
Summer is the BEST and I am LOVING all of it. Even the HEAT!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So Annoyed!

Things I HATE right now, but can't exactly change:
Runny, poopy diapers
My ACNE (for cryin out loud, I'm way to old for puberty people)
Cracked heels
Stretch Marks
The Door-Bell (no offense neighbor kids)
kids bike tires going flat
my 100+ emails a day from viagra and cialis
paying bills (debt in general)
our freaking over crowded, messy garage

I can't tell if I'm hormonal or the summer heat is taking a toll on my temper:)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Only in UTAH

I just have to tell you about our Church today. Yes it was fast Sunday. Our ward is on the verge of a split because we are so HUGE. So when I tell you there wasn't even standing room anywhere you will know why. We had THREE BABY BLESSINGS and a MISSIONARY FAREWELL all in the same sacrament meeting. It was CRAZY I tell you. The church is still true even if you can't see or hear anything.

Happy Birthday America!

We had another FUN fourth og July this year. We started out the day with the annual neighborhood bike parade. It is kind of short and a little lame but the kids love it and they really get into decorating their bikes. Later that night we had a BBQ at Nate's parents house with all the family. The food was good, the kids played in the water and we lit fireworks. We finished the night with an out-door movie on the lawn. It was a full, fun day which we are now paying for today. We have all been sleeping and napping. We missed going to the Stadium of Fire this year. We have been every year for the last 15 years I think and it somehow just isn't the same old 4th with out going to Cougar Stadim. Anyway, that doesn't really change how I feel about America. I am so grateful to live where we live and enjoy all the freedoms that we have. We are truely blessed to be a free nation. I also have so much gratitude for our service men and women. God Bless them and their Families. Happy Birthday America!