Friday, September 7, 2007

As you know, Nate and Noah are getting big into motorcross. Noah has really taken off with it. After finishing first in his age bracket last season he moved up bikes to a 65. He is still learning all about riding a bike you have shift but he is picking it up fast and of course so competive he still gets in the top 4 consistantly. Nate, bless his heart, broke his collar bone while riding at a private track so he has been off his bike (and utterley depressed) for the last 2 weeks. He must be trying to find a new passion because shortly after this he went and bought himself a 5 series BMW (without my knowledge). Nothing cures a broken clavical like a new car!! Don't worry, I'm not divorcing him, but I am getting a bad taste for this sport.

I ran in a race this summer called the Wasatch Back Relay Race. It is 176 miles. It starts in Logan and ends in Park City. You run on a team of 12, each person runs three legs of the race. You run all day and all night until you are done. I personally ran over 16 miles total. It was in July and over 100 degrees. It was one of the hardest things I can say I have ever done but it was an amazing expierience. I learned so much about myself and how hard I could really push myself. I also gained a great appreciation for the beautiful Wasatch mountains. My favorite Hymn is For the Beauty of the Earth. My last 4 miles was a killer as I ran down hill from high above Deer Valley ski resort into downtown Park City. I honestly didn't think I would finish but as I looked around and noticed my amazing surroundings and said a little prayer for my continued health and strength, this song came into my mind and I ran without even noticing the fatigue, soreness or pain I was previously having. I felt like I was running fresh and not on the very end of a 2 day, living on gatorade and powerbars, no sleep, heat stroke filled nightmare. I will definatley never forget it an always be grateful for my health and the amazing human body and what it can endure.

This is from our trip to Lake Powell this summer. I'm at Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

Noah learned to wakeboard this summer. He rocks!!! Go Noah!

This is Parks on the first day of school. He is a bit sad because he wants to go with Addi and Noah. He cries for them every morning after I drop them off. Only 3 more years to go buddy!!

This is Addison on the first day of Kinderagrten. She has been waiting to start school for probably over 4 years now. She loves her teacher and being with all of her friends. She is definatley a social butterfly but also very smart!

This is Noah on the first day of school. Isn't he getting so big? He is now in the 2nd grade. He is so excited for school this year. His favorite time is obviouly recess but he also likes music and gym. We are so proud of him!!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

How Sweet they Are

Noah is seven.

Addison is five.

Parks is two.