Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wait, are we in Europe? I thought this was Utah!

We had a BBQ with Nate's family yesterday and the kids played on the waterslide and baby pool. Well needless to say, Parks dropped his swimsuit in the garage on the way to get in the car and we ended up with out it when we got to their house. I had this tiny little butt-hugger suit in my diaper bag from taking the baby swimming the day before so I thought why not try it. It's either this or his underwear. They fit (sort of) and he wore them and didn't have a care in the world after Nate threatend everyone if they teased him. It's ALL GOOD! Oh by the way, Parks is four and the suit is for 3-6 month old. The best part is, he couldn't figure out why everyone kept talking to him with a French accent.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wasatch Back Relay 2009

First off, I forgot my camera so I am waiting for someone to email some cool pics so check back again for a more complete update. The race this year was AWESOME!!!! I can't tell you people how amazing this race is. Even if I did, you can't comprehend it until you see it. It starts in the mountains in Logan, Utah and ends in Park City, Utah. You run on a team of 12 each taking 3 legs of the journey and run all day and all night over and over for 188 miles through the Wasatch Mountains. My three legs totaled over 16 miles. I was nervous about it because I only started training back in April but I made it and all the pain of running was worth it. We had so much fun in our van, laughing and teasing and making life long memories with good friends. My first leg was only 3.8 miles but I started off bad. I thought "what am I doing here? I am going to be miserable" I still finished it and figured it was probably the yucky energy drink I had before starting. My second leg was KILLER and I rocked it!!! I had to run at 1 a.m. and it was 7.2 miles long. I was on FIRE. I have never felt so good running in my life. I finished in 1hr. flat which isn't marthon pace or anything but for me was a personal best. My last leg was 6.4 miles and I have to say, I was questioning mine and others sanity for choosing to run this race at this point. The rain and wind right in my face was not pleasant and all I could do was just put my head down and run. I told Nate, "tell my children I love them if I don't make it" ha ha. Even with the last run being crappy I still loved every minute. Theres nothing like going without sleep, eating power bar and gatorade, being sweaty and stinky with 5 close friends(if we weren't close before, we definately are now)in a van, for 2 days. I can't wait to do it again and the best part is, Nate is totally going to start running with me and train to do it next year. For those of you who don't know Nate, he hates running and while he was just the van drivers this year, he was so inspired and in awe of the whole expirience, he wants to do it. I'm telling you it is the BEST!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Hey Kids...What did you do this SUMMER?

Never ask me, "Mom, we are bored, what can we do?" I got something for you to do... PULL WEEDS!

The REWARD....Snow Cones

Last Day of School 2009

Addison with her 1st grade friends.
Addison and Mrs. Marshall.

Noah and his his 3rd grade friends(he such a thug).
Noah and Miss Easley

Schools out YEAH!!! What to do now?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


My crazy dad in Moab!!!! Thought I would share.