Friday, June 13, 2008

A Sign a Hope for America

I took this picture at Noah's baseball game last week not even thinking anything other than it was perfect timing to have the rainbow happen just over the American flag, but today as i scrolled through my pictures to find something to blog about I came across this photo again and had such a touching feeling come over me. There has been so much tradgedy in our country and our world for that matter, in the past few weeks. I feel so sorry for all those that are suffering in the mid west because of tornadoes and flooding and all the ruined crops. People are loosing everything they have ever owned in a split second. It just makes me realize how lucky I am to be safe (for now), to have my family safe and to know that we still live in the best country in the world. I don't think this rainbow was just a chance picture anymore. I think it was a sign for us to not loose hope in our country, and even though we are going through rough times now, things will change, we will recover, lives will be put back together and America will always be the greatest country to live in!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day at Lagoon!!

We went to Lagoon over the weekend and I have to say I actually had fun. It isn't always a very high priority on our list to take our kids there- you know the crowds, the scary looking people you try hard not to judge but can't, the expensive food and kids whining. We really did have a fun day. We probably will only make it an anual thing so no need for a season pass or anything like that but all in all-go. It's way cooler than when I was a kid and now I think I have more fun watching my kids enjoy themselves more than my self.

Monday, June 2, 2008

We almost have a basketball team!!

So it's a BOY!!! To tell the truth I was really hoping for a girl. Addison was so sure it was a girl she told me every day that she was going to have a sister. When we found out she dropped to her knees and started sobbing, "I wanted a sister, It has to be a girl. No Mom, No". Well, with that kind of drama you can see that I easily remembered how nice boys are and I was brought back to reality and could see that the Lord was probably blessing me with another boy for my own sanity. Now I just need help with a boy name. I had no less than 15 girl names and not a single boy name so any suggegstions would help, we like unique but very masquline, off beat but not weird. Nate is excited as usual. More riders for the now 4 motorcycles that we own and as he says, "I almost have my own team!!" Well, I started to get excited a few days later (after feeling guilty for not being over joyed when we found out) by shopping for little baby things again. Parks is now over three and I gave a lot of our stuff to D.I. after him because my kids have been hard on all our stuff so looking at cribs and blakets and bedding cured me and got me back on the new baby boy wagon! GO TEAM HARWARD!!