Monday, November 30, 2009

Addison's bedroom makeover

So I decided to change Addi's room last month. I hate when I get super motivated and excited to do something and then loose the desire half way through which is what happend here, hence the month long project that should have been a weekend deal. Anyhow, it is now done, mostly, and I love how it turned out. I wish I would have remembered to take a before photo to show you but I forgot. It was a light green color with white trim and her bedding was pink and green on a white daybed that use to be mine when I was little.

Here is the wall I chose to try a little "Pottery Barn" look alike technique on. It was really easy and very affordable. I just went to Home Depot and bought these wood slats that were 1/4 in. thick so they fit right up to our existing baseboards. They were already 4 ft. x 3 in. so I didn't need to cut anything. I just used liquid nails and glued them to the wall and then used a paintable caulk on all the seems after. This was the hardest part and really it wasn't that hard. Then when done, paint walls and trim same color.

Here is the finished wall!

This is a cute vintage dresser that was found at a garage sale by my friend Carrie for $40. It was a light yellow color and I just sanded it down and sprayed it black. It is my favorite piece in the room.

I sprayed the daybed black and made the bedding and curtains from $2 fabric store fabric. I love how it turned out. So girly and shabby chic. Now I am trying to find a good deal on a vintage chandelier. So fun!!! So easy!!! I love a good weekend/month long decorating project:)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yeah my photos are back!!!

I finally got back the use of all my pictures. I can now blog properly again. Sorry for the boring post but I just need to catch up for Journal purposes so here is what we have been up to in the last month:

Halloween 2009

Noah was a Motocross rider (again) for Halloween. Oh well makes for an easy costume:)

And now my sweet, beautiful baby girl... make that my only girl wanted to be this for Halloween....................................

Yes that's right, that's Addison in there. A vampire, no more cute princesses or ballerina's or anything girly. She had to be the scariest, none feminine thing she could think of. I hope I am blessed with at least 1 more daughter so I can force her to be girly:) Cause this one AINT.

This is my cute Autumn quilt that I made with my sewing group. We each did a square and could do anything that was Fall related with one common brown fabric in each square. Then we all exchange squares and have 12 different squares to make a quilt. My square was the acorn, I just had to show you the cute turkey, my friend Amy is such and overachiever:)

Whit turns 1!!!! We had a small birthday party for Whitman. He loved the cake and unwrapping his gifts. He is soooo stinking cute and fun. I love this stage!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Misc. Thoughts

Do you ever spend time reading other peoples blogs and go away feeling down about yourself? I must just have AmAzInG people in my life (or linked from my blog) When I spend time reading all the great things happening in other peoples lives I think, "man I am un-creative, lazy, slow, boring, lame and I need a makeover!" I don't really feel THAT bad but still......everone please, please, please post something lame about yourself so I feel NORMAL!!

The FLU (YES I mean H1N1 and regular) SSSSUUUUCCCCKKKKSSSS!!! ps i hate the word "sucks" so that tells you how bad I hate the FLU.

Candy is of the DEVIL!!!

My little baby is turning 1 on Saturday and I feel like I need another BABY!!! Yes I said it! I am going to have more kids, I am a crazy mormom who wants a big family and I hate when I get crazy looks or weird comments like, "Your going to have MORE kids?" Like I'm Octo-MOM or something. The only problem is, I really really really don't want to be pregnant again!

Nate and I are planning on going on a cruise in Feb. with some friends and he told me the only way we could go is if I let him pick out one of the dressy dinner outfits and I HAVE to wear what he picks out. This could be a deal breaker.....can you say "TRASHY 80"s" I'm scared!!

Daylight savings is weird! Today has literally been the LONGEST day of my life!!

Anyone interested in a new MLM? I will be rich in like 4 months so ask me for a loan then ok!

Happy NOVEMBER!!! I will try to be more positve next post. (probably from all the money I will be making:)