Monday, October 26, 2009

Can you say SLACKER???

I couldn't let a whole month go by without a post. My computer finally died. Yes we were expecting it sometime, he was sick for a while and would shut off at random times. Well he finnally shut off for good 2 weeks ago. I have been going crazy because Nate hooked me up with a laptop to use and I can't get used to it, not to mention all my photos and contacts and LIFE basically were on that computer. I am just waiting patiently for my sweet, loving, gentle, wonderful, not at all busy or slow husband to renew my tech life. So for now, no photos but here is what I/we have been up to:
Whit is turning 1 next week, I know I said 1 can you believe it. He is soooo stinking cute and I know I say this about each of my babies in turn but I really mean it this time he is my cutest:)
Parks is still my side kick. He loves preschool and playing with Addison and her friends.
Addison is loving school and her friends. Her broken arm healed quite nicely and she is back to being a crazy tom boy and riding every weekend with her dad and Noah.
Noah is getting sooooo big. Holy crap! He is a mini me of Nate. He is playing flag football right now and getting ready for basketball season to start. He loves school and recently told everyone his favorite subject at school was....wait for it.... MATH. WHAT THE... don't even ask where that came from becasue it wasn't Nate or me. I have always hated math.
I am a busy little bee lately, hence the non blogging.... I finished the season with a big , awesome race in Vegas. It was with 11 of my cute friends and neighbors and had a comeplete blast. The running was hard and I didn't feel like I prepared for it like I should have but the trip was totally worth it. We ran through the Valley of Fire State park in Nevada and then around Lake Mead and ended in Vegas with a huge party. Relay races are crazy hard..171 miles to be exact.. but such a cool, thrilling accomplishement. I am loving my little preschoolers this year. It is such a rewarding little job for me and helps keep life in perspective hearing things through a 3 year olds mouth. I now manage like 4 blogs and still keep very busy on the enrichment committee in the ward so needless to say, I am barely hanging on but I love every minute of it:)
Nate is always always always busy at something! He still works like 3 jobs and has 5 other ideas of jobs he is "putting together" in his head. It will pay off some day I just know it! Until then, he still rides every weekend and helps his friend run a new track in Mona. He can't wait for Wintercross to start again and add another thing to his plate, yeah Nate!
Happy October, now that it's almost over and on to ...... THE HOLIDAYS!!!!


Julie said...

THE HOLIDAYS!!!!! That whole concept really didn't become real until today with all the SNOW! Yucky. Anyways, you guys are busy busy! I don't know how you do it with Pre-School! You're a rock star!