Sunday, November 1, 2009

Misc. Thoughts

Do you ever spend time reading other peoples blogs and go away feeling down about yourself? I must just have AmAzInG people in my life (or linked from my blog) When I spend time reading all the great things happening in other peoples lives I think, "man I am un-creative, lazy, slow, boring, lame and I need a makeover!" I don't really feel THAT bad but still......everone please, please, please post something lame about yourself so I feel NORMAL!!

The FLU (YES I mean H1N1 and regular) SSSSUUUUCCCCKKKKSSSS!!! ps i hate the word "sucks" so that tells you how bad I hate the FLU.

Candy is of the DEVIL!!!

My little baby is turning 1 on Saturday and I feel like I need another BABY!!! Yes I said it! I am going to have more kids, I am a crazy mormom who wants a big family and I hate when I get crazy looks or weird comments like, "Your going to have MORE kids?" Like I'm Octo-MOM or something. The only problem is, I really really really don't want to be pregnant again!

Nate and I are planning on going on a cruise in Feb. with some friends and he told me the only way we could go is if I let him pick out one of the dressy dinner outfits and I HAVE to wear what he picks out. This could be a deal breaker.....can you say "TRASHY 80"s" I'm scared!!

Daylight savings is weird! Today has literally been the LONGEST day of my life!!

Anyone interested in a new MLM? I will be rich in like 4 months so ask me for a loan then ok!

Happy NOVEMBER!!! I will try to be more positve next post. (probably from all the money I will be making:)


Julie said...

K so why are you gonna be rich in 4 months and why can't I be rich with you? HOW FUN that you're going on a cruise. Did I know this and forgot? You are not lame, stupid, boring, and you DON'T need a makeover but I totally can relate to those feelings cause I have them too when I read other people's blogs. And, ummmmm, I think that's it! Oh wait, I don't think you're crazy for wanting another baby. I say MORE POWER TO YA! Love ya!

The Buhrley Bunch said...

YOU'RE going to have MORE children? Eee gads. JUST KIDDING!!!! More power to you! I've always wished for more kids, but what do ya do? And by the way.... I don't hink you're lame. I feel the EXACT same way you do when I read my friends' blogs. I find myself saying things to myself like, "I really should learn to make Brynn cute skirts she can wear to school.... I need to go on a cruise.... why don't WE have a new dog?.... I really should be a kinder, nicer person.... my son's not going to be an Eagle scout and it's all my fault because I must be a terrible, horrible mom.... I'm oh so lame." So ya, I'm right there with ya! And IF it's worth ANYTHING, I think you're FABULOUS and you can't convice me otherwise!!

Cathy said...

Top Ten Reasons I LOVE Miss Katie:
1. She is a master decorator-she can make ANYTHING look good!
2. She has fabulous hair!
3. She is the best preschool teacher ever!
4. She always has a kind word for everyone!
5. She is always striving to be better and inspires me to want to be better, too!
6. She knows where all of the good deals are!
7. She lets my kids play at her house for hours and never acts like it bothers her.
8. She always lets me hold her babies (bring 'em on!)
9. She makes you feel like you are the best friend that she has ever had!
10. She has promised to take me on that cruise with her when she gets rich from that new MLM! :)

Reeses Pieces said...

I seriously love honesty like this. Makes me feel normal.

What's MLM?

If you want more kids I say go for it. Think of all the people you'll have to take care of you when you're old haha!

lacey said...

Hey Katie. I know how it goes. I read YOUR blog and think, danget... why can't I swing teaching a preschool class, have 4 kids AND work out and look so good? Isn't it always that way? It's so easy to forget the things that we do that we are good at! Thanks for letting me reming you ;)

ps- I say go for that #5. What the heck. Isn't 4 crazy wild. What more could happen with the fifth? Seriously, didn't laundry, sleeplessness, household work, and kid stuff max you out like me at #4?. What more could change with the 5th?

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

Kate!!! You are so fun and haute! Whatever about being lame, I just can't buy into it. I am the worst housekeeper in the world. I say swear words in my head a lot and the worst ones you can possibly think of. My husband and I traumatized our kids by taking a year off and you can't get more lame than that! Cannot even wait to see the cruise outfit.

Heidi said...

Ok so I basically stalked your blog down from Biggies! Ha, forgive me. I love this post. I feel like that all the time when I read about everyone's amazingness. One lame thing about me is that I hate laundry so much that I leave laundry in the washer and have to rewash it all the time JUST because I'm too lazy to go switch it. I eat pretty much nothing but cookies, because I want to eat healthy so I don't eat the hotdogs or mac & cheese my kids want. Then, I'm too burned out to make myself food and just settle for cookies, brownies or candy. Lame. You are a hotty and I love seeing you!