Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yeah my photos are back!!!

I finally got back the use of all my pictures. I can now blog properly again. Sorry for the boring post but I just need to catch up for Journal purposes so here is what we have been up to in the last month:

Halloween 2009

Noah was a Motocross rider (again) for Halloween. Oh well makes for an easy costume:)

And now my sweet, beautiful baby girl... make that my only girl wanted to be this for Halloween....................................

Yes that's right, that's Addison in there. A vampire, no more cute princesses or ballerina's or anything girly. She had to be the scariest, none feminine thing she could think of. I hope I am blessed with at least 1 more daughter so I can force her to be girly:) Cause this one AINT.

This is my cute Autumn quilt that I made with my sewing group. We each did a square and could do anything that was Fall related with one common brown fabric in each square. Then we all exchange squares and have 12 different squares to make a quilt. My square was the acorn, I just had to show you the cute turkey, my friend Amy is such and overachiever:)

Whit turns 1!!!! We had a small birthday party for Whitman. He loved the cake and unwrapping his gifts. He is soooo stinking cute and fun. I love this stage!!!!


brittanimae said...

So cute! Katie, you look fantastic. Like, super-model fantastic.

Reeses Pieces said...

I seriously can't believe he's already 1. Wow, where did the time go. I agree with Brittanie, you look fantastic!

woodwinked64 said...

this is so cute!